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Tatrabob tobbogan run

In the beautiful environment of the High Tatras offers Tatranské športové atrakcie, s.r.o. firm the sport
attractions - archery and a ride in the roller coaster in Tatranská Lomnica - see the map. Photos show show examples of archery (bow and crossbow), course of the tobbogan run, surroundings of the course and capture the atmosphere of the ride.

We wish you funn adrenaline momments at Tatrabob!

Opening hours during season
9 - 22 h.

Address: 059 60 Vysoké Tatry, Tatranská Lomnica 29
Telephone: 00421-905-326360
E-mail: , URL:


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Surroundings of the Tatrabob course Tatrabob - photo 01
Tatrabob - photo 02 Tatrabob - photo 03
Tatrabob - photo 04 Tatrabob - photo 05
Tatrabob - photo 06 Tatrabob - photo 07

Tatrabob - photo 08

Tatrabob - photo 09

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