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All photos  presented on this website and much more photos of High Tatras and Poprad you can advantageously buy in CD version.
Besides essential function of a souvenir from High Tatras the purpose of CD including collection of more than 2000 photos of High Tatras and near surroundings - Poprad and calamity area included - is to introduce this region in picture form. The photos on CD are saved in .jpg format (predominantly 1024 x 768 pixel). Probably these photos give you more information how to organise your trip to High Tatras. Further you can present your business partner with an original souvenir. You can send holiday greetings with pictures illustrated to your friends from every internet café too, or simply send CD as a letter. On demand I can offer you my services as the photographer or services of my firm - more info on www.ginkopro.com. All following photos represent a small exhibition of the CD collection. Price & delivery conditions click here!

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Popradské Pleso
Štrbské Pleso
Starý Smokovec
Hrebienok & Studený potok
Tatranská Lomnica
Calamity in High Tatras after huricane on November 19th, 2004
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There is not intended to use the photos on CD or on this website for business purposes and every such need is to settle with author of these photos Ing. Peter Nemeček, e-mail: ginko@r3.roburnet.sk , or Tel./Fax:
On demand some of the photos can be delivered in quality HQ: 2048 x 1526 pixel  or SQ1: 1024 x 768 pixel. Your comments and questions are welcome.




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