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Discount on accommodation web directory introduces several hotels and guest houses in Poprad and the High Tatras that offer comfortable and affordable accommodation through web visiting cards (or web presentations). If you have found one of the below mentioned hotels or guest houses on the Internet with the help of our web directory, and our editor grants you a discount code, you can easily get 10% to 20% discount on accommodation - if you enclose your discount code to the hotel booking, or if you provide your discount code for the reception at ordering the accommodation by telephone

List of hotels and guest houses, which provide discounts on accommodation

Hotel name / Guest house name Locality Website Current discount
Penzión Raimund - web visiting card Dolný Smokovec - 20% min. 2 days
Penzión Jakub  Poprad - 10%
Penzión U Alžbetky Poprad - 10%
Penzión Sv.Juraj Poprad - 10%
Penzión Červený mak - visiting card Poprad - 10%

 How to get a discount code and use it:

 1. The discount is to be applied to the prices that are quoted on the website of the hotel or the guest house -
 you clarify on the hotel website all important conditions of your accommodation such as price, features and
 types of rooms, etc. If at the name of the hotel / guest house is also shown a link to our web visiting card,
 you can find there more information about the discount. More information on the equipment of the rooms can
 be asked directly from the hotel / guest house by e-mail or telephone.
 2. After receiving the necessary information and, if possible at least 5 days prior to arrival, please fill out the
 following form - Request for discount code, but this is not a booking - see item 4
 3. Upon receipt of your application for discount code will editor of the web directory emit without
 unnecessary delay your assigned discount code, announce it to you and at the same time provide the
 discount code to the hotel or to the guest house.
 4. After receiving the discount code you fill out a booking form of the hotel or of the guesthouse and attach
 the discount code, or order by phone or by e-mail the accommodation in selected hotel or guest house and let
 them know also the assigned discount code.
 5. Upon arrival at the hotel or guesthouse you register as a client of web directory - when you pay
 accommodation services than hotel or guesthouse provides you the agreed discount.
 6. If you take repeated accommodation service in the same hotel, please ask for a new discount code for the
 discount to the current tariff.

 Important: Editor of the web directory is authorized by management of the hotels and boarding
 houses to publish information on discounts for accommodation on the Internet, but he can not direct the
 discounts allot or put it into effect, and therefore all legal claims against the editor are excluded. Only if you
 accept this notice, please send following data to the address


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